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The Swiss-German artist, Paul Klee (1879-1940) was quoted saying, “A line is a dot that went for a walk”. In 1965, the famed Chuck Jones (1912-2002) won an Academy Award (Best Animated Short Film) for his creation of The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics. Both taught the lesson that it simply takes a dot and a line to start, and the creative world is yours.

We are born creative beings full of wonder and exploration. Over time, our daily routines tend to push creativity aside. The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Kolena Corporation have partnered to bring a variety of art lessons to your home. Whether at home or work: work at your own pace, explore your creativity, and energize yourself and your team(s) through these hands-on exercises. Please join The Dot and the Line Club to learn, draw, create, have fun, and simply be a part of something special. Start with a dot or a line…it’s up to you!

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Chuck's Grandson Talks About His Grandfathers Legacy


Your Full Mastery Course entails

Exercise Your Genius! – Take a different path today by exploring your creativity through Art! Get your genius on!

What’s Up Doc? – You are, that is, with art and creativity. Our artists will walk you through exciting on-line lessons providing the opportunity to work at your own pace.

That’s For All and Not All, Folks! – These lessons are for ages 5-105. Please look for new additions monthly!

You’re despicable…I MEAN INCREDIBLE! – Leave old habits behind by expanding your innate creativity. You may just think of an invention or navigate your day differently!

SSSSHH!… Be vewwy quiet. I’m drawing wabbit! – The only type of hunt there is here… is that of exploration and for your intended work. Chuck didn’t like competition and neither do we. So, appreciate your unique drawing. We do!

BLEEP! BLEEP!  Trying new things can be frustrating at first. So don’t be hard on yourself! The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Kolena Corporation celebrate your efforts!

Course Curriculum

So far, we have put together three courses and over 25 lessons…..

Animation Basics

  • Ball Bounce (Squash and Stretch)
  • Pendulum (Slow In/Slow Out)
  • Brick Fall/Leaf Fall (Timing/Spacing)
  • Head Turn (Anticipation)
  • Flour Sack (Staging)
  • Worm (Straight Ahead)
  • Walk Cycle: Legs (pose to Pose)
  • Walk Cycle: Arms (Overlapping Action)


Course 2

  • Marvin Martian Using Simple Shapes
  • Drawing a Baby White Seal
  • Drawing Bugs Bunny
  • Shape Language
  • Character Grouping
  • Contrasting Characters – Compare Wile E Cayote and Roadrunner
  • Range of Expressions
  • Figure Posing

Course 3
Elements of Comedy

  • Crafting a Joke
  • Joke Writing
  • Physical Comedy
  • Stock Characters
  • Comic Duos
  • Improvisations
  • Improve Games
  • Comic Storytelling
  • Putting it all together

Join The Dot and the Line Club Pricing

Package Includes

$ 9
per month
  • Three Courses and 25 Lessons

Package Includes

$ 99
1 Yearly Payment - $8.25 per month
  • Three Courses and 25 Lessons
  • 1 Yearly Payment and save
  • Lifetime Access to all material for this bundle
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Credentials and Experience for our Teaching Artist

Lee Fairchild

Teaching Artist

Education: New York University BA Fine Arts, Minors Education, Studio Art; Hunter College, MA, Childhood Education, Professional Certification NYS

I have been teaching for the past twelve years all over the world, starting in New York City, at the International School of Iceland, and now here in Southern California! I have taught art to kids of all ages and my background is in developing art integrated project-based curriculum. As an art teacher I feel strongly that children should be allowed to explore their own ideas, look at possibilities, and discover what works for them. Children’s art should reflect themselves and their own imaginations and feelings. If a child is given the opportunity to be creative and become a confident thinker, then they will be ready to take on the future. Learning how to cope with failure and doubt is a big part of that. Part of my growth as a teacher has been to learn to step back and let kids try to figure out answers for themselves. The best art education should be inspirational and demonstrate possibilities and the kids should take it from there!

I love teaching all forms of art, but my favorites are ceramics, printmaking, and collage. I also have a huge passion for collaborative art and mural making. My primary interests are making ceramics and teaching art, but I also enjoy cycling, running and I’m a voracious reader. 

As a child my brother and I would watch Looney Tunes and Chuck Jones cartoons for hours. We even named our two kittens Tom and Jerry! 

My favorite Chuck Jones character: Marvin Martian

My favorite moments are when a student can revise their art based on successes and failures. If they can go from a draft or sketch to a finished work and adapt then they are showing true learning.

Naylene Justis

Teaching Artist

Education: California State University Fullerton, BFA Animation/Entertainment Art

I have always loved cartoons since childhood. They are part art, part science, and part magic trick. After copying characters out of coloring books for years, I learned how flipbooks created the illusions of movement. I have been hooked ever since. In addition to being a Teaching Artist for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, I work as a Caricature Artist and freelance on cartooning and graphic design projects.

Being a Teaching Artist is important to me because animation is such a huge part of our culture. I love exposing people to how it works and making it accessible for anyone.

My favorite Chuck Jones character: Witch Hazel

My favorite “ah ha” moment from students is when they see their characters start to walk

Mike Funt

Teaching Artist

Mike Funt travels the globe performing and directing as a clown, actor, director, and teacher. Funt has led workshops in clown, mask, improv, and circus arts in China, India, Japan, England, France, Brazil and all over the U.S., with his home base at The Clown School in Hollywood. Funt is also a regular performer in the theatre, in the circus, theme parks, cabarets, comedy clubs, and through the relief efforts of Clowns Without Borders and medical clowning.

For years, Funt served as the Artistic Director of the internationally-touring, multi award-winning clown troupe Four Clowns. He also works with play expert Dr. Stuart Brown’s National Institute for Play.

Funt was trained and certified in Laughter Yoga with Dr. Madan Kataria. Additionally, Funt is a Mentor Leader for PlayMatters!, a committee of the Southern California Advocates for Every Young Child. He formerly taught at the San Francisco Comedy College and served five years as head of the Theatre Department for the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program.

Thank you so much for this personal individual art time. Creativity is so necessary for kids of all ages… to inspire, develop, and make possible as a part of the educational experience for the expression in one's life. Each of us has so much to express. "Thanks again to everyone at Chuck Jones Center…


Creativity is the basis of human success and enjoyment across the board. The problem is that most people think creativity is only reserved for the artistic, when in fact it is the most basic of all human instincts. To educate a child about the importance of creativity when they are at their most curious and accepting is directly conducive to their success in life. Inspiration is the cornerstone of creative success in life for adults as well.


Tracy shares this story with us – “Taking time off from my career to raise my son was the most important decision I could have made. Fortunately, I was there when my son came home so disheartened because the teachers shared that the school’s budget was being cut and all the Arts were being eliminated.”

Tracy had just seen a sidewalk sign in her quaint downtown area that read, The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Growing up with the Chuck Jones’ characters and cartoons, she immediately related and had already introduced them to her son. “What a great way to bring creativity back into his everyday life! We went to the downtown area, and I said to Nick, Let’s check this out and see what types of classes they have. He wanted to go!”, Tracy explains. It ended up that the lessons focused more on creativity than on a particular character. The Program Director explained that Chuck’s philosophy is that creativity is everywhere around you and in every aspect of one’s life, not just the Arts. This started a lifelong friendship with the Jones’ family and its team since 2009.

A few years later, Linda Jones Clough, Chuck Jones’ daughter, asked Tracy’s son Nick (age 12) to be a guest speaker at their fundraiser and grand opening of a new facility. When the time came, he stood on stage in front of several hundred and began. “Hello, I’m Nick Tanner and I want to share with you that I go to school every day in a noncreative environment.” This was the first Tracy heard his speech and when she looked around the room, everyone was silent. In a room primarily full of creatives, not being able to express creativity was foreign to them.

We are born as creative beings and somewhere along our path, we are told, Don’t do this! or Only do it that way! Unfortunately, each time this approach is taken with someone, it narrows their scope of thinking creatively.

If there is someone in your life, even you, that may benefit from learning an art technique or just want to draw for the experience of allowing your mind to detached from the everyday hustle, please join The Dot and the Line Club. You may just discover your inner creativity!

Join The Dot and the Line Club Pricing

Package Includes

$ 9
per month
  • Three Courses and 25 Lessons

Package Includes

$ 99
1 Yearly Payment
$8.25 per month
  • Three Courses and 25 Lessons
  • 1 Yearly Payment and Save
  • Lifetime Access to All Material for This Bundle
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