Art at Home

Jean-Pierre Fallou

Jean-Pierre Fallou

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Art at Home

Ready to stay creative from the couch? Here is your guide to enjoying art at home! 

  1. Art Contests: submit your art for cash prizes
  2. Museums: take a virtual field trip to museums around the world and even stream Operas on your TV
  3. Art Games: compete against yourself and others
  4. Digital Art: create art on your device.
  5. Art Education: learn about art.
  6. Art at Home: Art tutorials and prompts for you to create where you are.

Thank you to @MrsVelazquezArt 

Art ContestsMuseums



Digital ArtArt Education

Art At


The Really Great Outdoors

Google Arts & Culture: Virtual Museums

Quick, Draw!

Just a Line

Interactive Color Wheel

How to Draw / Free Daily LIVE Webcast

Sustainable Shipping

Online Tours: The Louvre

Mondrian Squares Challenge

Mandala Creator
Color Theory
Illustration Drawing

National Fossil Day

The Museum of the World

KQED Art School

Daily LIVE art activities

Science without Borders

Guggenheim Online Collection


Digital Sand Art


Tate at Home

Impact of Conflict

Museum of Natural History


Create Comics


Cassie Stephens

No Limits Foundation

Salvador Dali Museum

Artist Tool Kit

Picasso Head

The Caves of Lascaux

Make an Art Studio

State Fish Art Contest

Air Force Museum


Matisse Drawing Room

METKids Time Machine

Drawing at home prompts

Guadalupe Mountains

Nightly Met Opera Streams

Street Art

Patterns of infinity

National Gallery of Art Interactives

Youth Art Month Creative Sprint
Digital Concert Hall

Art Puzzle

Haring Coloring Book

Destination Modern Art

Watercolor Tutorials

Ocean Awareness

Moma Learning

Hieronymus Bosch Invaders


Tate Kids

Bullet Journaling

Saving Endangered Species

Museum of Web Art

Queensland Art Games
Art Quizzes

Procreated Tutorials


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