Coach, Yvette Jain, Talks About Handstands & Health


One of my clients Terri* – a total beginner handstander – showed a real interest and eagerness to learn the skill, but at the onset, she was not committed to the training that was required to see progress. At first, she didn’t practice much on her own, gave a lot of reasons as to why she couldn’t do something, then expected to progress quickly. I listened to her concerns and developed a program that was specifically designed – based on her abilities, previous injuries, personal motivation, and commitment to learning – to help her progress at a rate that she could tangibly see, and that helped her to feel more motivated.  I helped her to not only fit handstand practice into her life, but to prioritize it (more), commit to practice 5 days a week, work through injuries with modifications, and best of all, have a lot more fun with it! She told me that within the last couple of months, she’s seen more progress, and that motivates her even more to continue. Bonus – she says that she feels stronger and “the exercises we do in handstands help me in all other movements in my daily activities. I even climbed a tree (picking fruit) the other day, which I could never do before.” 

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