Top 20 Life Coaches To Look Out For In 2022

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Life coaching offers a holistic approach to people who are looking to excel in every aspect of life. Regardless of your profession and goals in life, life coaching is a great way to improve your day-to-day life, along with your relationships and career. As human beings, we witness several obstacles in our personal and professional life while trying to achieve our dreams but with the power of life coaching, we can identify our strengths, develop them and achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves.  

Here we are presenting the Top 20 Life Coaches in the industry that you should look out for in 2022:

Zach Rance

Zach (Certified Life Coach, Certified Nutritionist) gained a modest following on social media in 2014 after being one of America’s fan favorites on the reality TV show Big Brother. During his TV and acting career Zach started abusing drugs and alcohol. This eventually led to money struggles, loneliness, and embarrassment and as a result, Zach became severely depressed and anxious.

After getting back to the basics and learning about anxiety and depression over the course of a 6-year span, Zach eventually became a Certified Life Coach. Zach now specializes in mental health and high-performance habits and has since then consulted and coached high-level CEOs and executives, international physicians, and D1 Collegiate Sports Teams. On top of coaching top-level professionals, Zach has also been known to advise other reality TV stars, celebrities, and social media influencers helping them navigate their mental health challenges from being in the limelight.

In the summer of 2020, Zach launched the now successful and informative personal growth and self-development podcast the “Life Coach Zach Podcast” featuring multiple New York Times best-selling authors, Hall of Fame athletes, coaches, therapists, doctors, and other powerful leaders in the health and wellness space. For more information on Zach, you can visit

Evette Rose

As an Author, Life Coach, Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose strives to support people in their healing journeys. She is the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy Technique. Evette is best known for her work in helping people to resolve trauma from their past and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette is famously known for writing Metaphysical Anatomy volume 1 which covers ailments from A to Z, the emotional components related to those diseases as well as key points as to how to approach the condition with the intention to improve ones quality of life. Metaphysical Anatomy includes step-by-step guide for identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to medical conditions. She noticed psychosomatic patterns behind people’s ailments after working with more than 6000 people one on one. She has taught in more than 43 countries and helped thousands of people worldwide.

Kimberly Olson

Kimberly Olson is an internationally renowned social media expert and CEO of the multi-million dollar coaching business, The Goal Digger Girl. Not to mention, she has also been named the #2 recruiter globally in her network marketing company. She is the author of three Amazon best-sellers and recently was listed as a top 25 podcast host in the marketing category internationally with her podcast, The Goal Digger Girl Podcast. At her most recent speaking events, she was honored to share the stage with names like Rachel Hollis, Chalene Johnson, Marina Simone, and Tanya Aliza. Kimberly’s mission at The Goal Digger Girl is to serve other female entrepreneurs by teaching them simple online strategies and systems in sales and marketing to equip them for success with their brand and get real results in their business genuinely and authentically.

Dr. Corrie Block

Dr. Corrie Block is a globally acclaimed business strategist, and the author of two compelling books: Business is Personal and Spartan CEO. Having started out as a serial entrepreneur, failing forward, and overcoming bankruptcy (twice), Dr. Corrie is now recognized as one of the best coaches on the planet, with a track record of success. His aim is to help millions of people to find meaning at work, and connect their Vision, Mission, Values and Goals to their daily attitudes and behaviours, to lead people to change their lives and live their dreams. Dr. Corrie provides executive coaching and leadership training in top companies around the world, from tech startups and family businesses to Microsoft and the World Bank. He has a powerful legacy forged by overcoming adversity and achieving peak performance. Listen to him for 15 minutes and you’ll find a winning business strategy and a replicable plan for personal success to share with other employees, leaders, and business owners across the globe.

Kharina Kharran

Kharina Kharran is the Founder of Kharina Kharran Empowerment Life Coach™. Kharina specializes in coaching Complex-PTSD & trauma survivors, safely removing trauma-induced anxiety. She leads her sessions with a motivational and humanistic approach, naturally flexing appropriately between techniques and needs, evoking the client’s want to open and truly heal by ‘safely rewiring the brain’.

Having faced severe adverse childhood experiences, she kept true to her values and held clear visions which strengthened her resilience and drive. Always challenging herself, Kharina is a cage fighter with a stoma. The lifesaving surgery due to Crohn’s made ‘life possible’

With a 9-year successful career within a Fortune 500 in Leadership and High-Performance Coaching. Kharina stepped into the entrepreneur space, she launched her online business and first book ‘Things Like That Don’t Happen to me, the power of re-writing your fear to courage’ in Dec 2021. Kharina is an accredited and regulated Life Coach, REBT, NLP Master, Flow State Practitioner, and EMDR Therapy Practitioner who truly embodies the meaning of personal transformation and growth.

Chen Lizra

Chen Lizra is the founder of the Power of Somatic Intelligence, which she started as a quest to find her true self. As a result of years of struggling with suicidal thoughts, overcoming a childhood trauma resulting from her mom’s mental illness, she set out on a journey to find the solution to healing trauma somatically. She developed a one-of-a-kind somatic method over 25 years of experience with ground-breaking results that are literally transforming her clients’ lives every day.  

Her relentless spirit and determination to offer natural healing to every client she works with and drawing on her own recovery from deep trauma, have made her a sought-after somatic coach. Chen also has a unique specialty in embodied femininity and a massively popular TED talk, boasting 10 million views, about seduction.

Her deep level of compassion and understanding of what it means to struggle with mental health has promoted a heightened sense of empathy in her which she uses to intuitively feel into a client’s ancestral line and their somatic imprint, showing them how to release the blocks. Chen helps high achievers globally heal their nervous system and restore it back to its natural state, by focusing on the embodiment, somatics, and experience, combined with ancient wisdom. This process used is highly effective in achieving the next level so her clients can have a phenomenal impact.

Brigit Hegarty

Brigit Hegarty is an internationally recognized Online Life Coach, better known as the Reset Coach, and also the founder of Two Tone Yoga. As one of the leading life coaches in the industry, she believes in leveraging online platforms to make her platform reach the corners of the world.

Apart from being a life coach and an entrepreneur she is also a mom which a full-time job with no breaks. With her many talents, teaching yoga is also one, and she also believes that life coaching and yoga go hand in hand. Brigit also emphasizes having a holistic approach to her teaching practices. She is working constantly in her field to come up with a range of therapy techniques and nutrition plans to offer self-empowerment and optimal health leveraging to women everywhere.

She aims to support women and their health with her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of life coaching and her vision towards her goal allows her to deliver unparalleled results for everyone. Brigit is also focused on educating the young generation about the effects of life coaching and how it can transform one’s life by introducing energy, strength, and resilience.

Dr. Erica J. Harris  

As an inspirational survivor and thriver, Dr. Erica is the passionate founder of where she serves as an empowered health mindset expert, to empower you to live today with more optimism, resilience, joy, and life satisfaction. As an internationally renowned TEDx motivational keynote speaker, life coach, podcast host, and #1 best-selling author, she has inspired thousands of people around the globe to live their very best lives, with the gift of today!  

Erica’s awe inspiring survival story will leave you filled with hope and wonder. despite having lived a life passionate about health and wellness, Erica was diagnosed with very aggressive blood cancer (aml), at the young age of 35, while still nursing her youngest son. Incredibly, she is here today as the miraculous survivor of a once expected 2mth terminal palliative cancer prognosis, a bone marrow transplant, a double lung transplant, and even divorce to boot, at the end of it all. to survive and thrive, Erica has had to master the principles of resilience and positive psychology.  

Dr. Erica is truly a health warrior. as a retired sports chiropractor and kinesiologist, she has devoted her entire professional career to the health and wellness industry. her vast experience and her contagious life force are 2ndto none. Rise today with Dr. Erica and bounce back higher than you ever imagined possible! Be Inspired!

Shirlee Williams

Want to live a full unapologetic life? Show up every single day as if it already exists. Shirlee Williams is a spiritual Empowerment coach specializing in guiding women to show up and step into their greatest Selves. She is a firm believer that mindset and action create the life of our dreams. Throughout her life, Shirlee has overcome many obstacles to get to this moment. She believes that each and every experience is for our awakening. Her coaching techniques incorporate spirituality and yoga philosophy to help guide women all over the world. Everything we need is already inside of us, sometimes we just require a little guidance.

Her signature membership program Becoming – the inner circle for personal growth is changing the trajectory for women of all ages. One of Shirlee’s mantras to life is “Each and every one of us deserves to take up space in the world. Shine bright ladies!”

James Edwards

Through a long and distinguished corporate career of over 25 years in Fortune 500 companies, across financial services and investment banks, James has seen first-hand many talented people sabotaging their careers through negative beliefs and lack of confidence driven by the wrong mindset.

This has led to James setting up James Edwards Mindset and Performance Coaching focused on helping men and women achieve the purpose and become unstoppable through mastering their mindset.

With his highly regarded MAXX MINDSET Program, he coaches his clients to discover and create their true vision and purpose, shift the big mental and emotional blocks, and develop an effective strategy and action plan to maximize their potential and performance.

James is based in London, UK and after living in three different continents, has a unique multi-cultural perspective to enable clients across the globe to unlock their treasure within.

Susan Carabello 

Susan Carabello is a Mindset, Manifestation, and Empowerment Coach, using her intuitive guidance to help her clients succeed. She is also the author of Beauty Behind the Veil, an in-depth look at overcoming anxiety and self-doubt to create your dream life.  

Susan uses the following principles of purpose, vision, and gratitude to help her clients achieve their goals. Anything is achievable when you approach your goals with these principles in mind.

Susan began her coaching career during the pandemic when her previous business was put on hold. It was evident at the time that I needed to pivot my career. I was being called to serve, but just not in the way I envisioned. The risk has paid off, and Susan is now a highly sought-after mindset and manifestation coach.  

Delynn Miller

Delynn is the CEO and founder of Delynn Miller Wellness. Delynn found herself stuck, unhappy and burnt out. She knew she was meant for more. She gravitated to network marketing, read every personal development book and “did all the things”, but her results were not matching what she was learning. When she switched her strategy to growing her awareness instead of “working harder”, everything changed!

Joy and success are an “inside-out” job. She developed a Success Consciousness. When you are in alignment with your daily actions, success is certain and predictable when you grow your awareness. She has cracked the code, risen to the top 2% in her Network Marketing company and coaches thousands around the world, through her training and mentorship programs. She is a master at teaching others how to use their expansive mind to take action to achieve consistent, predictable results in their life!

Lisa L. Moussa

Lisa Moussa is a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, Nurse, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master. She integrates preventative medicine with spiritual healing, personal growth principles, energetic work, and deep subconscious healing to help her clients create lasting results.

In the early 2000s, Lisa found herself living out of her car and couch surfing with friends who were addicted to drugs. Instead, Lisa spent her time in the self-help section of book stores, expanding her knowledge of spirituality, consciousness, and personal growth. At this point in her life, Lisa had left college, moved across the country and away from her family. She felt alone, scared, and determined to make a better life for herself.

Empowered to make a better life, Lisa moved to San Francisco to become a Certified Hypnotherapist (2004) and a Registered Nurse in 2010. Like many healers, it is her journey through “the Dark Night of the Soul” that allows Lisa to “hold space” for others on their healing journey. Lisa works in intimate group coaching settings and private 1-1 sessions to facilitate healing. Lisa is currently accepting clients.

Charlotte Friborg

Charlotte Friborg is a Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Author, Keynote speaker for organizations wanting to help their employees to stay calm and feel confident in uncertain times.

She is the coach for moms who wants to restart or redirect their career and to build fulfillment in their life. She helps women see their skills and talents and own it so they can act with more confidence for what their heart tells them to do. She believes we cannot wait for the system to change. We must change so that the system changes.

Her two bestselling published books: “Make Your Own Money Again” and “Fulfilled Working Mom”. She is also a Mentor for coaches-in-training in the Miracle-Minded Mastery Certification Program under Marianne Williamson. Born in Denmark, Charlotte moved to the United States with her family in 2006.  

Samantha Basso

Mentor, life and business coach, founder of Tu Energía Hoy and creator of Gratitude Revolution and Rutinas de Éxito, Samantha believes that life is full of surprises. While enjoying success on her professional path, she dove into alternative therapies, oriental medicine, and personal development to conquer her life struggles. Inspired by her own experiences, she helps creative Hispanic entrepreneurs and visionary professionals transform their journey.

A coach by heart with entrepreneurial mindset. she is recognized by her clients through her philosophy that ¨living with joy is for brave people and doing our work joyfully is called service¨. Samantha ensures to empower her coachees to transform their realities by designing “boutique” lives while enjoying more fulfillment and a greater impact in the world.

Do you want to know why her programs have such an impact? Because they are based on her own battles, providing her best practices, applying deep coaching, neuroscience, fused with ancient Far Eastern wisdom. She has been seen at Google Campus Tel Aviv, Startup Weekend, World Trade Center (Montevideo), Red Cross, Magen David Adom, among others.

Beth Conger

Beth Conger is a Certified Professional Life and Leadership Coach empowering clients to work through their “mid-life check in” to reframe, refocus and reveal the very best version of themselves. Through her expert skillset of scientifically-based methodologies, intuition, powerful questions, tools, and techniques, Beth takes a holistic approach to coach the entire individual, not just a single aspect, such as a new job or big decision. Her coaching is all about helping clients understand what they value most, why they’re stubbing their toe, and come up with new approaches to living a more peaceful, productive, and fulfilled life.

Beth also created 12 Mindful Months, 1 Joyful You, a virtual workshop series designed to explore mindfulness from the inside out. Each month is a unique topic, enabling participants to explore their current thinking, identify blocks, and embrace a new state of mind filled with joy, peace, and overall contentment.

Asha Honeysett

Asha is a psychologist, corporate consultant and online wellbeing entrepreneur. She is the founder of Light Tower – the purpose within, and the creator of the Diamond Mind to Manifestation Model™.

Asha holds a Bachelor in Psychological Science (Hons I) and a Master of Clinical Psychology. After years of working as a scientist-practitioner and a research focus in neuroscience, selective attention and mindfulness-based practices Asha developed custom models of transcendence. Based on the principle of consilience, the models are the integration of quantum physics, neurobiology, psychology, anthropology and traditional philosophical practices that promote wellbeing.

Asha’s signature Growth Curve of Transcendence™ and Diamond Mind to Manifestation Model™ address the fundamental flaws of the over-medicalisation of the mind, and the common societal traps inherent in chasing success and happiness. Asha’s programs provide the necessary paradigm shifts to create a life of sustained high performance and fulfilment from the inside-out.

Mary McClements

Mary McClements, M.A.Ed./PCC, founder and lead coach at Take Passage Coaching, LLC, believes in the power of bold yet gentle questions to reveal one’s truth and invite action. Questions so insightful that they may take your breath away and then ground you in the realization of a new perspective.

As a certified Trauma Coach, Mary, known for her compassionate inquiry and insightful support, helps clients envision a future where their true self thrives. Drawing on 25 years in education, victim advocacy work, and her own path through trauma, Mary believes that our natural strengths and wisdoms are our greatest guides for evolving through trauma.

Mary loves working with people who know they have a lot to offer, are stuck in their trauma responses and want to work on changing patterns that no longer serve them. If past trauma keeps sabotaging what you know you’re capable of, Mary wants you to know that you don’t have to do it alone.

Christopher Mitra

Christopher (Chris) Mitra is an accomplished and sought-after confidence coach who has helped thousands of people around the globe to develop their confidence and achieve success in their lives. He helps people live their dreams through his proven and game-changing eXtreme Believer Confidence system. Chris created his eXtreme Believer system as a collection of tools, strategies, and methods to improve confidence and achieve your goals. He understands that a positive mindset is a cornerstone for creating a compelling life. With a background in business, computer science, and a successful tech entrepreneur, he’s mentored numerous clients to build their businesses and create a limitless future.

Christopher’s passion is to empower men and women, young and old, to achieve their highest potential. As a coach, he is committed to helping clients become the best versions of themselves, knowing that the best version of you is the best version for everyone else.

Lisa Andrew Condon

For decades, Lisa has cultivated her leadership and inclination to help others succeed by partnering with individuals and businesses on creative strategy, marketing solutions, and development. Lisa’s passion is combining strategy and values to help businesses and individuals build a path to surpass even their own expectations. This became the foundation for Lisa Condon Enterprises (LCE), a company that sparks inspiration, innovation, and collaboration through gratitude. Lisa uses a combination of theory and practices from the Project Management Institute, Six Sigma, SCRUM, EQi, and Appreciative Inquiry. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, SCRUM Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and PMP. Author of the soon-to-be released book, “Sparking Your Business, 9 Steps of Gratitude,” Lisa is the founder and creator of GRATITUDE, a proprietary program and catalyst for personal change. Lisa happily resides in Broadkill Beach, Delaware, with her husband Nate and her fur babies.

Final Thoughts

The life coaching industry is constantly revolutionizing to offer improved teaching practices to coaches to help their clients in a better way. These life coaches are the driving force behind the industry’s latest transformation and they are proving their expertise with state-of-the-art practices.  

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