Introduction to the Series & The Ever-Changing Knowledge Metaverse

Dr. Cathleen Greiner, PhD, in her role as Regional Director, Business & Entrepreneurship Sector of the OC Community Colleges, is focused on upskilling, reskilling, and preparing our students and the community for the future of work.


We have an exciting 3-Part Series, entitled Emerging Workforce 2022, beginning this month that focuses on new and exciting industries: Metaverse (March 24), Blockchain (April 28), and The Digital Marketplace (May 27).

Please join us as we explore how each of these areas are impacting our workforce today and in the future. Learn how these opportunities may be an option for your future and what it takes to get there. These are interactive sessions guided by experts in their field from all stages of their careers. Come prepared to ask questions of the subject matter experts.

In our first session, The Ever-Growing Knowledge Metaverse, please welcome our keynote speaker, Dr. Renah Wolzinger, EdD, Global Director of Customer Success, EON Reality. Hear firsthand how Dr. Wolzinger EdD, navigates and develops in the Metaverse and its real-world applications.

Through a world combining the real world around us with digital information, plus the addition of an XR-enabled universe, a network of users across thousands of locations, the knowledge metaverse is being created as a digital grassroots movement.

Learn About

  • The Metaverse and its Business Drivers
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities including Designing and Applications
  • VR, AR, AI, and Digital Twins
  • Examples from Las Vegas and IBM
  • Lidar Scanning and its Educational & Commercial Applications
  • Avatars


See you there!

Dr. Cathleen Greiner, PhD
Regional Director, Business and Entrepreneurship
Orange County Community Colleges

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