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It is 8:50 AM and you just arrived at your desk for work.  Your manager is waiting for you with a concerned look on his or her face and asks, “Is the sales report ready?  I have to present it to the senior management team at 9:00 AM!”  You hesitate before you respond.  Then you say, “I thought the meeting was tomorrow.”  You can imagine how the conversation goes from there. Welcome to the Administrative Support Skills workshop.
Jean-Pierre Fallou · August 12, 2020

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Jean-Pierre Fallou

Jean-Pierre (John) Fallou is a Business Executive with more than 30+ years of Business Development, HealthCare, IT Consulting, and Alliance Management experience with demonstrated success cultivating new business and markets, developing strategic relationships, and the delivery of high impact projects. A “Go-to” executive that formulates strategies that strengthen competitive position by conceptualizing and launching new services and solution offerings and by managing direct to enterprise, indirect global partner, and channel sales deals.

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