CJCC – 8 Week Cartooning

This 8 week cartooning course is designed to introduce students to Chuck Jones’ characters, learn how to draw using simple shapes, and build confidence in your drawing skills. This course has been specifically designed with younger students in mind, however all who are young at heart are welcome to follow along!
Lee Fairchild · June 23, 2021

About Instructor

Lee Fairchild

I have been teaching for the past twelve years all over the world, starting in New York City, at the International School of Iceland, and now here in Southern California! I have taught art to kids of all ages and my background is in developing art integrated project-based curriculum. As an art teacher I feel strongly that children should be allowed to explore their own ideas, look at possibilities, and discover what works for them. Children’s art should reflect themselves and their own imaginations and feelings. If a child is given the opportunity to be creative and become a confident thinker, then they will be ready to take on the future. Learning how to cope with failure and doubt is a big part of that. Part of my growth as a teacher has been to learn to step back and let kids try to figure out answers for themselves. The best art education should be inspirational and demonstrate possibilities and the kids should take it from there!

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