Insanely Easy Way to Prioritize Your Life

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We’ve been talking about creating your future life by setting clear goals and using vision boards. Today I want to give you an insanely easy way to prioritize your goals and life.

Your goals are your priority to having the life you want. Making them a priority is a part of your values. If you are doing things that aren’t aligned to your values, then you’re spending time doing things that aren’t important for reaching your goals.

Start by being present in everything you are doing. Is this task aligned with your values? Does it make you happy, bring you joy or take you closer to achieving your goal?

When planning your weekly tasks, design it to reflect the tasks you need to do to reach your goals. If you want to have your own successful business in the future, then you should be doing something each day or week that moves you closer to your goal.

Get some accountability to help you create boundaries that honor your values, your goal commitments, and relationship goals. Learn to say no to things that take you away from your goals.

Consider what your purpose is. Ask yourself, when you’re in the middle of a busy stressful day, if what you are doing is a part of your purpose. Is it making you excited? Does it light you up?

Your purpose, your values, and your goals should all align together. When they are your to-do list and productivity will flow easily.

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