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Before we get started!

Raamon Newman November 2, 2020

Housekeeping Items

Let’s take a few moments to cover some basic housekeeping items.

  • Many students who learn and think differently struggle with changes in routine and loss of structure. Let’s use this time as an opportunity to develop new strategies to help with your focus and learning.
    • Schedule work times and break times.
    • Set a timer and keep working until it goes off.
    • Set a goal. For example: I will write one paragraph before I take a break.
    • Create a checklist.
    • Work on the hardest or easiest thing first (choose one).
    • Put your phone in a different room or in your backpack.
    • Find a quiet space or use headphones to block out noise.
  • Each lesson has a NOTES area, use it and export it to Microsoft Word for record keeping or reference
  • Quizzes are set to pass at 20% or above.
  • Essays are not graded, but shared with your instructor for feedback.  Please put some thought into your answers.
  • In order to pass a lesson, YOU MUST see/finish the entire video to get credit.
    • The software will register if you have finished the video and mark it complete as you can observe in the green complete bar.  We will show you how many steps have been completed and the number to still be completed.
  • Have fun and enjoy your course.