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Leadership Fundamentals Legal Aspects of Supervision (LFLAS -M3)

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  1. Welcome
    Cautionary Note (LFUYR-M2 S2L1)
  2. Session 1: Human rights
    Human Rights (LFUYR-M2 S2L6)
  3. Session 2: Occupational Health and Safety
    Occupational health and safety (LFUYR-M2 S2L4)
  4. Session 3 Employment Standards
    Employment Standards (LFUYR-M2 S2L3)
  5. Session 4: Harassment and Bullying
    Harassment and bullying (LFUYR-M2 S2L5)
  6. Session 5: Due Diligence
    Due Diligence (LFUYR-M2 S2L2)
  7. Session 6: records and Documentation
    Records and Documentation (LFUYR-M2 S2L7)