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Leadership Fundamentals Coaching and Mentoring (LFCAM -M6)

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  1. Session 1: Over View
    Over View (LFCAM -M6 S1L1)
  2. Session 2: Coaching and Mentoring
    Coaching (LFCAM -M6 S2L1)
  3. Session 3: Giving Instructions
    Giving Instructions (LFCAM -M6 S3L1)
  4. Session 4: Giving Praise and feedback
    Giving Praise and feedback (LFCAM -M6 S4L1)
  5. Session 5: Checking in
    Checking In (LLFCAM -M6 S5L1)
  6. Session 6: Empathy and Understanding
    Empathy and Understanding (LFCAM – M6 S6L1)