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Leadership Fundamentals Understanding Your Role (LFUYR -M1 )

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  1. Welcome
    LFUYR-M1 House Keeping
  2. LFYUR-M1 Qualification Summary
  3. Agenda
  4. Cases for Context
    Case 1
  5. Case 2
  6. Session 1: Managerial Foundations
    LFUYR-M1-S1L2 Supervising is a balancing act.
  7. Session 2: Knowing yourself
    Knowing yourself (LFUYR -M1 S2L1)
  8. Session 3: Working with your boss
    Working with your boss (LFUYR -M1 S2L1)
  9. Section 4: Managing Meetings
    Managing Meetings (LFUYR -M1 S4L1)
  10. Session 5: Organising for Success
    Organising for Success (LFUYR -M1 S5L1)
  11. Session 6: Making a smooth Transition (LFUYR -M1 S6L1 )
    Making a smooth transition into supervision (LFUYR -M1 S6L1)
  12. Skills Development – Supervisor Skills Assessment
    Skill Assessment (LFUYR -M1 Skills)

These qualifications have been designed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and coaching-style behaviours required to work in supervisory, leadership and/or management roles.

Qualification Aim:

This qualification is ideal for those working or wishing to work in a team leading or supervisory role. The qualification is designed for those without relevant leadership, supervisory or management roles and gives learners an introduction to Team Leading and Planning and Monitoring Work.

Progression Routes: Learners may progress onto further modules within the Leadership Fundamentals course and achieve the level 2 Graduate Certificate.

On completion of the level 2 Graduate Certificate the learner will be prepared for promotion or able to apply  directly for employment in team leading or supervisory roles.

Rules of Combination: Learners must achieve all modules from the available units but may study in any order.
Assessment requirements: Completion of quizzes built  into the modules

Objectives of the module

This module gives the leaner the opportunity to understand the role of a leader / supervisor. For an untrained supervisor the  first week on the job is almost always an eye-opening experience. Having observed their own supervisors in action, these novices often have a general idea of what’s involved. However, what they don’t know is what supervising feels like. Supervising today’s work-force takes special skill and understanding. Supervisors need strategies they can master quickly. Strategies that will help them deal with the many problems and issues that inevitably arise.

They want people skills they can put to immediate use—and then build on as they gain in experience and take on more responsibility.

This qualification will contribute to learners’ personal development, confidence and productivity in the workplace.

Why choose this qualification?

On successful completion, learners may progress to further modules  in the “Leadership Fundamentals” Course.

Credit towards Level 2 Graduate Certificate in Leadership Fundamentals
Qualification Number: HOP/GCLF/2

Level 1 Certificate of achievement in Leadership Fundamentals
Qualification Number: HOP/LFUYR/1

Credit value: 4 credits
Minimum age: 18

Guided Learning Hours (GLH) 14 hours
Guided Learning Hours are defined as the number of hours of supervised or directed study time required for a unit or a qualification.
Total Qualification Time (TQT) 40 hours
Total qualification time is defined as the number of guided learning hours (GLH) plus the time taken by the learner for private study or work experience.
Entry requirements
There are no entry requirements for this qualification, however it may be beneficial for learners to be working in a team leading or supervisory role.