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Leadership Fundamentals Understanding Your Role (LFUYR -M1 )

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  1. Welcome
    LFUYR-M1 House Keeping
  2. LFYUR-M1 Qualification Summary
  3. Agenda
  4. Cases for Context
    Case 1
  5. Case 2
  6. Session 1: Managerial Foundations
    LFUYR-M1-S1L2 Supervising is a balancing act.
  7. Session 2: Knowing yourself
    Knowing yourself (LFUYR -M1 S2L1)
  8. Session 3: Working with your boss
    Working with your boss (LFUYR -M1 S2L1)
  9. Section 4: Managing Meetings
    Managing Meetings (LFUYR -M1 S4L1)
  10. Session 5: Organising for Success
    Organising for Success (LFUYR -M1 S5L1)
  11. Session 6: Making a smooth Transition (LFUYR -M1 S6L1 )
    Making a smooth transition into supervision (LFUYR -M1 S6L1)
  12. Skills Development – Supervisor Skills Assessment
    Skill Assessment (LFUYR -M1 Skills)

Now it is time to Asses where you are with your Supervisor skills.

Download the attached document and Evaluate each of the statements and rate yourself honestly as to where you feel you act on a regular basis. Once you have completed the form you will Add up the points under each heading to get a final score. You can then use this form as you practice skills to see how your score is progressing.

If you want to support your learning with a more in-depth analysis, the form will help you calculate your score for different competencies.  The questions that belong to each competency are listed in column 3.  If you add up your scores you can assess whether that competency is a Developmental Need or a Strength.

Suggestion:  use picks and crosses to note your  score on each of the statements aligned with each competency – for example – to determine your average for competency number 1; find your scores for statements 7, 9, 23, 25, and 48 and place a pick in the Developmental Need or Strength column:

Supervisor Skills Assessment