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Leadership Fundamentals Understanding Your Role (LFUYR -M1 )

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  1. Welcome
    LFUYR-M1 House Keeping
  2. LFYUR-M1 Qualification Summary
  3. Agenda
  4. Cases for Context
    Case 1
  5. Case 2
  6. Session 1: Managerial Foundations
    LFUYR-M1-S1L2 Supervising is a balancing act.
  7. Session 2: Knowing yourself
    Knowing yourself (LFUYR -M1 S2L1)
  8. Session 3: Working with your boss
    Working with your boss (LFUYR -M1 S2L1)
  9. Section 4: Managing Meetings
    Managing Meetings (LFUYR -M1 S4L1)
  10. Session 5: Organising for Success
    Organising for Success (LFUYR -M1 S5L1)
  11. Session 6: Making a smooth Transition (LFUYR -M1 S6L1 )
    Making a smooth transition into supervision (LFUYR -M1 S6L1)
  12. Skills Development – Supervisor Skills Assessment
    Skill Assessment (LFUYR -M1 Skills)

Establishing productive relationships with their managers 


One of the challenges managers cite is the need for supervisors to work more independently while still keeping their managers in the loop.  Often first-time supervisors expect too much direction from their own managers. In reality, senior leaders want supervisors who report to them to start exercising their own judgment. At the same time, they want to work out a form of communication that keeps both of them informed so there will be no surprises.