2t Academy Membership

Why Not Use Your Music Education To Succeed in Today’s Business World Membership.

The 2t Academy is born with the mission of coaching Musicians in Business Skills. We aim to transform your career and lead YOU to success as well as promoting a healthier work-life balance.

As a musician, you naturally possess soft skills such as creativity and adaptability. We coach you in how to transform them in business skills. In fact, you bring your area of expertise and we will provide the strategies you need to bring your career to NEW heights.

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“Well, the problem is that music majors after graduation are anxious about finding a job. Also, they feel pressured to take on advanced degrees and accumulate more debt. Ultimately, they wonder if they will ever achieve life balance”.

Coaching musicians in business skills and how to secure a high paying salary is exactly what we teach here at the 2t Academy. Moreover, we provide them with a unique business skill set not taught in academia, so to accelerate their music careers. Welcome to 2t Academy”.

Christopher Caliendo