Do You Want to Be
A Leader or A Manager?

Jack Finnell from Growth Accelerators will meet with you for 4-6 90 minute one-on-one weekly sessions to discuss your very real-world challenges.  Jack’s sessions will help you do 2 things:



Jack will knowledge transfer to you proven activities, techniques, and behaviors to advance your Leadership and Management Effectiveness.  You do not have to change who you are. You do have to be intelligent, open-minded, and competitive.

The course is intended for LEADERs, Students, Line Managers, and Management Candidates in any discipline or industry.

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About Jack Finnell

Experienced CEO shares strategic insights from the U.S. Navy, Xerox, Gartner, and his two highly successful start-ups to transfer innovative actions, techniques, and solutions that work in the real world to achieve two objectives: Accelerate ROI and Curtail Employee Turnover.

Your Full Leadership & Management
Course Entails

  • The “Do You Want to Be A Leader or A Manager” book by Jack Finnell so you’ll have a reference and a back-up for the valuable lessons you are going to learn during our sessions.
  • 4-6 90-minute one-on-one weekly sessions at your office (if you’re in SoCal) or via Zoom. I say four to six sessions because that’s what it usually takes. If it takes more sessions, no sweat at no additional charge, either. It probably means we’re exploring your real-world challenges to come up with the most effective solutions.
  • You will receive documents you can use for interviewing, performance appraisals, developing management candidates, employee separation, and creating business plans, among others. More real-world items to keep you on track in pursuing your objectives.
  • This is not theoretical content. Thirty percent of the course content comes out of my head. The other seventy percent is from other men and women with whom I’ve worked. However, Jack has field-tested all of the lessons he will impart and has war stories to make each lesson credible and indelible.
  • Jack has a degree in Economics from Yale University, but that it. I’m not ashamed of it, but it doesn’t figure in my content except for one page on the classical definition of Management and the Four Management Functions. And don’t think of me as some “protected class” brat. My father died when I was a freshman, and I went from upper-middle class to wondering where the next dollar was coming from just like many other college students working their way through back then and now.
  • Jack has considerable success in the real-world, which he will enjoy passing on to others. Two years in a war zone right after college taught him plenty about leadership, management, and specifically about teamwork, contingency planning, how to draw on courage when needed, and the value of diversity. 

Jack started in Sales and spent thirteen years with a Fortune 100 company (managed over 700 FTEs in final assignment and was #1 Branch Manager out of 86 in two separate locations) and then started two successful tech companies that later sold to publicly traded corporations. Once again, Jack will be transferring real-world techniques to you.

Course Curriculum

Along with his book “Do You Want to Be A Leader or A Manager”
these four parts will help you breakthrough…

Part 1
Are Leaders and
Managers Different?

  • Are You Sure You Want to Be Either One?
  • What Is Your Motivation to Manage or Lead?
  • What Do Managers Do?
  • Why Do We Even Need Managers?
  • What One Thing Matters About Our Managers?
  • Why Do We Need Leaders?
  • Do Management and Leadership Overlap?

Part 2
How Do Effective Managers
Become Better Leaders?

  • Creating a Vision of Our Work’s Importance (one of two submissions required to graduate)
  • Ensuring You Think About Each Team Member Daily (why we should and a simple chart to do so)
  • Spending “Field Time” with Them (specifics differ by job category)
  • Manage Them 1-on-1, Especially if You’re New (why and how)
  • Mix Up Your Recognition Formats
  • Perform High Quality, Thoughtful Appraisals (why, how and an excellent format)
  • Delegate Certain Tasks to an Administrator (how a superior administrator can make you superior)
  • Make Team Meetings Useful vs. Mandatory (and how do you open and close?)
  • Develop Your Management Candidates (includes 2 superior no-nonsense documents)
  • Toastmasters?
  • Welcome Intellectual Conflict (why and how to keep it moving forward to a superior outcome)
  • How to Communicate Bad News & Good News (this is fun!)
  • How to React When Your Top Performer Says She’s Leaving to Join Your Competitor

Part 3
How Do Natural Leaders Become
Better Managers?

  • Organize Yourself (concrete steps on how to do this – was a weakness of mine and now a strength)
  • Execute on Team Members Requests Instantly (essence of the Help Me/Hurt Me model)
  • Firing Someone Legally and When You Should (one of the most useful elements of the course)
  • Master the Business Planning Module (1 or 2-pager focused on a single objective, the second submission required to graduate. Don’t worry: I’ll help you through it)
  • Staying Current on Skills and Functions
  • Twelve Things That Star Performers Value (tested by Gallup and extremely useful to know)
  • 5 Steps to Superior Management Performance (highly practical and succinct)
  • Hiring the Right People (includes a superior interview document)

Part 4
Corporate Politics
Of Course, It Exists

  • How Will Your Decisions Affect Others? (why don’t you like surprises at work?)
  • Recognize Good Work at Your Level and Below
  • Please Your Boss, But Don’t Be a Kiss-Ass
  • Avoid Cliches and Jargon of the Moment
  • E-mails and Other Written Material
  • To Get Ahead, Think of Useful Projects (maybe just do it first)
  • The Key Virtues of Honesty and Courage (are you responsible for your feelings?)
  • What makes you Bulletproof at Work!

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