The LINE Membership - Team Bonding for Corporations

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity brings you exciting new creativity lessons! You may recognize the Chuck Jones name or maybe not. If the latter, then you most likely will recognize his body of work. Chuck Jones (September 21, 1912 – February 22, 2002) is the famous animation director, artist, author, cartoonist, philosopher and filmmaker.

He is best known for his work with Warner Bros. creating the famous Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons.  These cartoons include Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin Martian, Tom and Jerry, Witch Hazel, Wile E. Coyote, and, of course the most famous inventor of all, Road Runner. Chuck was also instrumental in developing the following characters into what we know today, including Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, and the infamous Porky Pig.

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity has partnered with Kolena Corporation to enhance your creativity through these self-paced, on-line lessons. Whether you are a decision maker in a corporation wanting to bring creativity exercises to the workplace or an individual at home exploring your creativity, please join The Dot and the Line Club. Choose the membership that is right for you! It’s a matter of choosing either The Line…

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the line Membership
Team bonding for Corporations

Developing leaders is extremely important to us.  The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity has developed a program to take your creativity and create a leadership and entrepreneurial mindset.

Are you a CEO, an Executive of Learning and Development, or a Human Resource Consultant? Answering yes to any of the questions below may invoke frustration or anxiety because deadlines and projects keep coming and you are keenly aware of their effect on profitability.

    • Does your team have issues working together?
    • Do you have high-level projects with new teams whose members have not yet bonded?
    • Do you have curriculum that needs icebreakers or problem-solving exercises?
    • Have you just run out of engaging content for your audience?

Joining THE LINE TEAM BONDING Membership will give you direct access to a suite of mastery level courses by The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity’s team and a bonus of 130 soft skills courses. Whether the guided creativity lessons or the soft skills training, both have become a lost “art” in the workplace. Introducing them to your workforce encourages creative thinking, bringing a more well-rounded approach to problem-solving, taking initiative, and collaborative communication.

Developing leaders in a entrepreneurial ecosystem


The Swiss-German artist, Paul Klee (1879-1940) was quoted saying, “A line is a dot that went for a walk”. In 1965, the famed Chuck Jones (1912-2002) won an Academy Award (Best Animated Short Film) for his creation of The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics, from the book written by Norton Juster. Both taught the lesson that it simply takes a dot and a line to start, and the creative world is yours.

Please join The Line Membership Club to learn, draw, create, have fun, and simply be a part of something special. Start with a dot or a line…it’s up to you!

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Chuck's Grandson talks about his Grandfather's legacy!


Your Full Mastery Course entails

Exercise Your Genius! – Take a different path today by exploring your creativity through Art! Get your genius on!

What’s Up, Doc? – You are, that is, with art and creativity. Our artists will walk you through exciting on-line lessons providing the opportunity to work at your own pace.

That’s For All and Not All, Folks! – These lessons are for ages 5-105. Please look for new additions monthly!

You’re despicable…I MEAN INCREDIBLE! – Leave old habits behind by expanding your innate creativity. You may just think of an invention or navigate your day differently!

SSSSHH!… Be vewwy quiet. I’m dwawing wabbit! – The only type of hunt there is here… is that of exploration and for your intended work. Chuck didn’t like competition and neither do we. So, appreciate your unique drawing. We do!

BLEEP! BLEEP!  –  Trying new things can be frustrating at first. So don’t be hard on yourself! The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Kolena Corporation celebrate your efforts!

130 soft skills online learning courses – Click here to see our catalog..

LOONEY TUNES and all related characters and elements © & tm WBEI. (s21)

Course Curriculum

So far, we have put together three courses and over 25 lessons…..

More courses and lessons will be added in the coming months….

Course 1
Animation Basics

  • Ball Bounce (Squash and Stretch)
  • Pendulum (Slow In/Slow Out)
  • Brick Fall/Leaf Fall (Timing/Spacing)
  • Head Turn (Anticipation)
  • Flour Sack (Staging)
  • Worm (Straight Ahead)
  • Walk Cycle: Legs (pose to Pose)
  • Walk Cycle: Arms (Overlapping Action)

Course 2

  • Marvin Martian Using Simple Shapes
  • Drawing a Baby White Seal
  • Drawing Bugs Bunny
  • Shape Language
  • Character Grouping
  • Contrasting Characters – Compare Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner
  • Range of Expressions
  • Figure Posing

Course 3
Elements of Comedy

  • Crafting a Joke
  • Joke Writing
  • Physical Comedy
  • Stock Characters
  • Comic Duos
  • Improvisations
  • Improve Games
  • Comic Storytelling
  • Putting it all Together
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